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Overnight shipping cost $39 -  recieve full live gaurantee - Shipping Not Included it is replacement on next order
2 day shipping cost $19 - This comes with NO live gaurantee


IMPORTANT!!! . You must tell me within 24 hours of receipt that the animal has a problem or you loose this guantee. You must also be home to sign for that animal. I can not replace an animal a week after you received it. I ship Mon - Wed as long as you have your order in before 5 pm the night before it will be shipped on my next shipping day. Orders made after 5pm on Tuesday get shipped out on Monday the following week. Shipments will only be shipped when temperatures allow for it. If it is above 90 degrees I will wait till the temperature comes down before shipping. Same if the temp is below 30. I use ice chest in my shipping which has been added to the cost of the shipping. As a side note if you use overnight I am insuring your shipment myself and that it arrives alive. To do this I have had to keep any shipping money that might be returned to me from a shipment arriving late. By doing this it lets me cover peoples orders that do not make it for some reason without taking too much of a loss for the animal that arrived late.   If you have any questions please feel free to email them to me at
Tarantulas for sale