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The Surprising Reasons Why Creepy Crawlies may be Better Pets for your Children.

Having a pet is one of those childhood joys that so many of us were lucky enough to have. They were our best friend, the one we confided in and, on certain occasions, the one we blamed things on. Unfortunately things are different today. Busy schedules combined with less open space in cities and the rising cost of pet insurance mean that for a lot of families the idea of owning a bigger pet such as a cat or a dog is simply not realistic. Kids still want pets though and it’s almost impossible to explain to a small child the reasons why they can’t have the pet they are so desperate for. You need an alternative, something that fits into your family life, is easier to look after and isn’t going to cost the earth. Creepy Crawlies of all shapes and sizes could well be the answer to your pet needs. Ensure you have the right equipment and you could have a new pet and a new obsession.

Having Pets Teaches Children Responsibility

One of the great benefits of children having pets is the responsibility that looking after them teaches. Keeping their habitat clean and remembering to feed them on time teaches them the importance of looking after something properly. Pets also teach children to play nicely, if they have a delicate millipede that they have to hold carefully, it teaches them to be gentle and considerate.

Just remember that children can only be responsible to a certain extent. They still have a short attention span and sometimes the idea of cleaning up after a pet is not for them. This is one major reason why creepy crawlies may be a much better choice for your family. Although the majority will still need their habitats cleaning regularly, not one of them needs to be taken for a walk, so on those wet, cold days you can be safe in the knowledge that your don’t have to go out in it to exercise your pet.

Bugs and Other Furless Pets Could be Better for your Child’s Health

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) found that during 2009 alone the number of children with asthma was a whopping 1 in 10 and environmental factors are often to blame for this. Pets with a lot of fur can seriously exacerbate this condition, particularly during seasons when they are moulting. Even if no one in your family suffers from asthma keeping your house free from pet dander can be a full time job all on its own.

Again this is a way in which many creepy crawlies can be superior to more traditional pet. No fur means no cleaning it up and also makes them hypo-allergenic, so they won’t affect family members with asthma, nor will they upset anyone with an allergy to fur.

Help your Child Overcome the Fear Factor

One of the most common fears among adults is Arachnophobia, now obviously if you don’t like spiders you’re probably going to be reluctant to get one as a pet for your child. However, by allowing your child to have some kind of creepy crawly as a pet you may well find that you help your child to avoid developing the same fear as yourself, (you may even find that it helps you too).

Having a family pet can be the best experience you will have as a family. From going to pick it out, to getting all the kit, to naming and looking after it, it’s something you can all do together. Having a pet brings a family together in a shared activity and by having an unusual pet like a Scorpion or another creepy crawly you get to do all sorts of researching and learning together to make sure you know all about your pet.

It can also make a great talking point when you have friends or family over and how exciting will it be for your kids to take a cockroach or a centipede into class for show and tell. When your children grow up they may decide that they want a more traditional pet, but having a creepy crawly pet will give them a respect for animals and an understanding of what it takes to look after them that will be invaluable.